Welcome to Success Plus

Success Plus is a leadership consulting firm founded in 1993 by CEO Isaac Russel with the intent of providing hands-on management training and coaching to companies looking to build a better business.

Using a custom, personal, and hands-on approach (The Success Model) we have had the pleasure of helping some of America’s most recognized brands—such as Coca-Cola, Tyson Foods, and Johnsonville—increase productivity, reduce turnover, and create stronger relationships between leaders and their employees.
The 'Success Model' of Success Plus is very unique. It is not a classroom instrumental environment. It is relationship oriented through on-the-job interaction and mentoring. Think of it as coaching rather than training.” – John Sherman, CEO – East Region, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc.
The Success Model is a training philosophy based on the idea that those in a leadership role have a direct impact on company culture, which is the fundamental building block for success. Company culture affects everything from turnover rates to productivity, and it’s the leader’s job to cultivate a positive environment that promotes diversity, teamwork, and communication.

Therefore, the Success Model seeks to provide executives, managers, and supervisors with the characteristics and skills they need to get the job done, primarily: influence, self-awareness, insight, and empathy.