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Using a collaborative, hands-on approach, Success Plus has helped some of the world's largest organizations solve difficult issues, develop leadership skills, and achieve realistic goals by bringing people together who embrace common goals to improve productivity and performance.


Executive Coaching
The executive coaching staff at Success Plus has extensive knowledge and experience from working with executives in many different situations. The end result of our executive coaching strategy is a fresh energetic person that is back on the right track...Read more

Strategic Planning
Success Plus begins by creating, specifying and defining organizational goals. Goals are achieved by involving all members of your team. Employees do not want to be in on the crash landing when they are not involved in the take off...Read More

Diversity Training
At Success Plus we have the experience and expertise in the area of diversity in the workplace to educate and equip the people at every level of your organization to properly relate to and embrace cultural diversity in the workplace and marketplace...Read More

Turnover and Absenteeism
The number one issue facing business today is finding and keeping good employees. Turnover and absenteeism is at an all time high. The average annual employee turnover rate is 12%. Employee turnover costs money. Vacancy costs include the cost/savings incurred due to increased overtime, or temporary employees needed to complete job tasks of the vacant position...Read more

Conflict Resolution
It is important for everyone to focus on the same goals, from top executives of the organization to the production employee. We must also understand that people at the bottom of the organization don’t think in the same manner as the people at the top do, but those at the bottom do the majority of the work needed to achieve the goals of the company...Read more

Business Leadership Coaching and Training
As supervisors you play many roles. You are a leader, planner, manager, teacher, coach, helper, evaluator, and advisor. You build teams, communicate, and make decisions. You need many different skills, i.e., Leadership, Technical, Managerial, and People Skills to fill these roles. First line supervisors are an integral part of the management team...Read more


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