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Through Isaac’s down-to-earth, practical guidance, you will learn how to:

Assume nothing and teach everything.
Improve your profits through the proper management of your people.
Retain your best employees.
Conduct more efficient one-on-one sessions.
Motivate your workforce to achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Hire selectively to combat labor shortages.
Survive and reverse the loss of profits.
Nourish a safe, motivated, and profitable work environment.
Become the leader others want to follow.

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What Others Have to Say

“The ‘Success Model’ of Isaac Russell’s Success Plus is very unique. It is not a classroom instrumental environment. It is relationship-oriented through on-the-job interaction and mentoring. Think of it as coaching rather than training.”
John Sherman
CEO East Region, Coca-Cola Bottling
Company United, Inc.
“We have gained the respect of our employees through the training that was received for the managers/supervisors at our facility. This training gave us the insight that was needed for our managers/supervisors to understand the Leadership Competencies.”
Bob Massaro
Former Human Resource Manager, Tyson Foods
“I have seen Isaac Russell’s Success Model at work first-hand, on-site within our company. It has positively impacted several first-line supervisors who have delivered higher-sustained KPIs and gone on to second and third promotions. Now you can read Isaac’s book and continue your own journey of Improving Profits Through People.”
Cory Bouck
Regional General Manager-Asia/Pacific, Johnsonville Sausage
“Isaac’s homespun wisdom is a breath of fresh air from the hundreds of business books flooding the market. He gets to the heart of the matter quickly and offers simple, practical, and realistic solutions to problems that seem overwhelming and complex. I am amazed by how well Isaac can educate and entertain at the same time. It’s a rare gift.”
Cary Tutelman
Family Business Consultant and Author of The Balance Point


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For over 20 years, Success Plus has worked with major American brands like Coca-Cola, Tyson Foods, and Johnsonville to increase productivity, reduce turnover, and create an overall better, and more profitable, work environment. The insight, expertise, and training philosophy of Founder and CEO Isaac Russell helps managers, supervisors, and executives develop their skills and transform into truly great leaders.
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