Case Study: How Success Plus Helped Tyson Foods Decrease Turnover By 30%

For years, Success Plus has worked with major manufacturing companies all over the country to reduce turnover, improve productivity, and increase profits. Check out this quick case study about our time with Tyson Foods, and see how we were able to make a difference in one of their Alabama plants.

The Client:

Tyson Foods

Founded in 1935, Tyson Foods is one of the most recognized and successful food service companies in the world, employing hundreds of thousands of workers across 90 plants throughout the United States.

Pain Point:

Leadership Development & Turnover

Success Plus was hired to help management at a Tyson manufacturing plant in Ashland, Alabama develop leadership skills and reduce employee turnover.


Develop & Implement a Leadership Training Program

After assessing the root of the issues, we developed and implemented a training program that held leaders accountable for the turnover issues and provied the steps to reducing turnover by creating a better workplace culture, strengthening communication, and developing better protocols and processess for addressing employee concerns. We implemented this program over the course of two years, followed by consultations every six months.


Reduced Turnover & Absenteeism with an Increase in Bottom Line Profit

We reduced turnover by 30% and decreased absenteeism by 10%. This resulted in a more productive workplace and cost savings that increased the overall bottom line.

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