The Root Cause To Lost Profits

World class companies are world class for a reason: they believe in training, and they do it very well.

Many companies today are losing revenue due to inefficient leaders. This leads to inefficiencies in labor, which then leads to an unhappy workforce, high workman comp, high turnover, and customer complaints—all of which costs business thousands of dollars daily.

One of the main reasons for this is that organizations treat the symptoms of their problems and not the root cause. The root cause almost always lies with the leadership of your business—especially those leaders that are closest to your customers and your workforce.

When dealing with efficiency issues, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has the leadership been properly trained?
  • Can they successfully apply their leadership training in accordance with the philosophy of your organization?
  • Do they have proper knowledge of the product and understand the process involved?

A poorly trained manager or supervisor can waste thousands of dollars per day. Remember don’t chase the symptoms, look for the root cause and address it.

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