Start Smart: Utilizing The Daily Huddle

Rooted in the habits of business tycoon John D. Rockefeller, the concept of the Daily Huddle is used by businesses all over the world to boost productivity, efficiency, and communication. It’s a 10-15 minute process that drastically reduces interruptions in your day, keeps everyone on target to reach their goals, and gives everyone in the company a clear picture as to what’s most important.

It’s a fantastic habit to introduce into your company culture, and it’s very easy to implement.

How It Works

First, let’s lay out what the Daily Huddle is NOT:

  • It is not a time to solve problems
  • It is not a strategy meeting
  • It is not a planning meeting
  • It is not a brainstorming session
  • It is not long

The Daily Huddle usually starts early in the morning—preferably within the first hour of work, and at the same time every day. Attendees gather (preferably standing) and give a concise (less than a minute) rundown on the following:

  • Updates on their KPIs/goals
  • Their day’s top priority
  • What they’ll accomplish that day
  • What they’re stuck on and who can help
  • Other quick updates & good news

The Daily Huddle is essentially the primer for the day. It sets the course and keeps everyone on the same page. It helps avoid confusion and bottlenecks while letting the employees have some insight as to how the company is moving and progressing. And lastly, it serves as an opportunity for encouragement, assistance, and motivation. Avoid the temptation to solve individual problems during the huddle itself. Use a timer to limit each person if you think it’ll help keep the meeting rhythm going.

For a visual example, check out this video from Shoes of Prey, a company in Sydney that perfectly illustrates an effective Daily Huddle:

You can start a daily huddle as soon as tomorrow. It takes no time to put in motion, and will reap generous benefits for your company. If you need a little help getting started, check out this tool from Align.