Want To Be A Great Leader? Master These Four Management Skills


Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most successful, charismatic entrepreneurs alive today, says that self-awareness is your most important attribute. And he is correct.

A truly effective leader is aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They know where they excel, and they know where they need work.

This skill is the bedrock of great leadership, and it will affect every aspect of how you run your business. Be honest with yourself. Take some time to think about where you are the strongest, and then go all in on that strength.


90% of success is due to good planning and organization. As a leader, you need to the ability to think objectively and logically so that you can properly organize your workplace for maximum productivity.

And organization doesn’t just refer to physical labor and output. It also deals with how you manage your employees’ time, how you conduct meetings and one-on-ones, how you communicate, and how you set your KPIs.

Organization is first and foremost a mindset. Sit down and consider the day to day of your business. Are your tasks prioritized effectively? Is there anything that could be done more efficiently?


We’ve talked before about how important motivation is and how it can positively impact your workplace culture. But in order to reap the benefits of a motivated workforce, you have to be a good motivator.

This one area that’s a lot harder to master than people think. Motivation is not a one-size-fits-all skill. Different employees react to different types of encouragement, and you can’t approach all employees the same. You might have one worker who responses great to criticism, but another who doesn’t. You have to take the time to understand what drives each member of your workforce, and then use that knowledge to boost their confidence.


Empathy is directly related to motivation, but expands past it as well. Empathy means being able to understand and relate to your employees’ individual needs, obstacles, strengths, weaknesses, and personal lives.

You simply can’t expect everyone to see the world the way you do. A good leader can see a situation from multiple different perspectives and respond accordingly. You have to be able to think objectively AND subjectively.

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