Why Diversity Plans Fail

Diversity in the workplace is more important today than ever before. Many leaders recognize this fact and have put forth initiatives to increase diversity in their business.

Despite their good intentions, however, it’s not uncommon to see these plans fail, and here are three reasons why.

1: They’re More About Check Boxes

If your diversity plan reads more like a bulleted list of check boxes, then you’re approaching it the wrong way. Milestones and broad goals are fine, but your core focus should be more organic and seek to make everyone, managers and employees alike, a part of the effort.

2: It’s All Show

The point of diversity initiatives should be to bring people from different cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles into your business and make them an integral part of the company—not just another worker or employee. If you’re hiring simply to show that you have a “diverse” workforce, but don’t actually take their opinions, ideas, and perspective into consideration, then your plan will ultimately fail

3: They Don’t Actually Celebrate Diversity

Following from the last point, your diversity plan shouldn’t seek to make your business into a “melting pot.” Diversity initiatives aren’t meant to mesh with a “one size fits all” approach. The differences found in a diverse workforce are meant to help your company grow and create more innovative solutions. Each person’s unique background and perspective should be celebrated, not assimilated.